Routing A12 -> A4 near Den Haag


while playing with the routing in MapSource for my self-generated mkgmap-Map
I discovered I very bad routing when going from A12 to A4.

Here the good route, which OpenRouteService calculates for car/fastest:
(if the route is not shown click on zoom in/out),52.0513736&end=4.4101104,52.0815777&pref=Fastest&lang=de&noMotorways=false&noTollways=false

But in mapsource the route goes first from A12 to A4 in south direction, then does a U-turn at the A4/A13 link
and then the A4 to the destination in north direction.

In openrouteservice I get this route when I add a via-node:,52.0513736&end=4.4101104,52.0815777&via=4.3778058,52.0619551%20&pref=Fastest&lang=en&noMotorways=false&noTollways=false

Can anyone reproduce this in mapsource ?

I didn’t check yet, if my Etrex is calculating the same route as mapsource.


I get the same route in when you add the endmarker on the middle lane of the A44. The highway_link goes on parallel to the A44 for quite a while before joining, so maybe you just need to add your end marker a bit further up the A44? If I do that, then the route is just fine.

I am aware of that and so my end marker is already more in the north (where all the lanes have
come together).

Does anyone know how to set the START-Point for routing in the Etrex ?


Ok, on the satellite screen you can select “new position” in the menu, and then you can put
the GPS into demo mode.

The routing was the same as in Mapsource.

But I found the reason for the bad routing: A data error. :open_mouth:

I guess that ORS and yournavigation automerge points on the same spot,
so that the error is not occuring in these routing services.

Ha! damn those data errors :slight_smile: Did you fix it as well?

Not yet, I’m on a business trip and have no access to JOSM.

Ok, I fixed it.

Ja, Ik heb saan in keepright.

Daa zijn noog helemal veel verbindings errors in deeze area.

Maar net so belangrik als dat betrefft geen motorways… :wink:

Ik denk mijn nederlands is nit so well. :smiley:


You won’t pass an exam, but it’s perfectly understandable. :wink: