Route Walking Distance using Python

I want to be able to route walking distance time from 1 longitude and latitude to another longitude and latitude on a map that is limited to the Washington DC Metro area. I am attempting to do this in Python, but it looks like Pyroutelib2 is very outdated. This is the page I am referring to:

I created an .osm file by exporting a small section of the map from, but it looks like pyroutelib2 does not correctly load the data. For instance, it expects the xml in the .osm file to match this regular expression: “\s+\s*$”, but this is a sample line and that refers to a tag which has the long and lat information in it. Basically, it looks like pyroutelib2 expects an outdated format that the site no longer exports files compatible with it.

Has anyone done basic routing with Python? Any suggestions for a better approach? Any help is greatly appreciated.

I can only give you some hints where you can ask ask well or where you can see more opensource routing engines: … there is a Routing mailinglist and its sub pages about online and offline solutions.