Route not rendered in Potlach

I have a long distance trail that runs through the woods as well as over exisiting roads. I’ve used a relation to define a section of the the route, but it does not appear to render in Potlach. I can see the route in edit mode, but nothing in view. Any ideas?

Yes, because you performed your edits after 12:00am. No? Then please post a link to the relation ( or a permalink. Otherwise I would guess a problem with the moonphase or perhaps some gravity waves… :wink:

Here’s the relation:

It’s my first attempt at a relation, so it could be user error!

Are you sure you mean not rendered in Potlatch? Potlatch is the editor you get if you click on the edit tab.

The “View” mode is not Potlatch - its Mapnik by default, or you can change it to Osmarender or Opencyclemap (click on the + in the top right).
As standard, none of these render hiking route relations. Opencyclemaps shows cycle route relations, I don’t know if there’s anything equivalent for hiking routes.

It looks like you’ve created the relation correctly (except why as it tagged as layer=1?). Its just those maps don’t render it.
You can view your relation on top of the standard maps by using this link:

Vclaw, You’re right, I should have said rendered in Mapnik. I added the layer=1 thinking that maybe the route was hidden under the road/trail. That didn’t work. Thanks for the info.

Routes don’t render in the main mapnik map. You would have to find another map that focuses on hiking routes.

Anybody know of hiking maps that I’d be able to ‘migrate’ my data to?

You do not have to ‘migrate your data’, just find another map that renders off of OSM data, that does show routes, and offers coverage in Massachussets. is an example of the former, but doesn’t extend to the USA just yet, as far as I can tell.

Thanks for mentioning my map :slight_smile:

FWIW, this map ( is an easier name for it) is rendering routes with a subset of all possible values in (green/red/blue/black bar/dot/triangle basically). I have a very similar map in alpha status at that also covers the US. It’s slow at times though, and the hillshading doesn’t go below zoom 12 yet.