Route does not follow roads

Hello all,

I just joined this forum after downloading and installing OSM to my MapSource. So far so good.
Then I created a route to the new map but I keep seeing straight lines from one via point to another, despite the settings in Preferences (CTR-SHFT-P).
Did I miss something?

From which source you downloaded the MapSource-Data? There are several sites providing Garmin-Maps. Some are routable some are not…

Indeed, it depends on the map source you’re using:

On are topographic maps available for the Netherlands, these are not routable
On are routable maps available worldwide, if you want to use OSM maps for navigation you should use these.

Moved the topic to the Garmin subforum.

It also could be a setting in your Garmin (friend of mine once had the same problem). It just drew a straight line from the current position to the destination. So check your transport settings.

They came from someone recommended them.
Thanks for the info.