Route directions around UWA, Perth, WA from Winthrop Ave to Stirling Hwy

Using OsmAnd+, the directions when traveling on Winthrop Avenue towards UWA and turning south (right) onto Stirling Highway say to turn right onto Winthrop Avenue (SR61). I would have expected this to say to turn right onto Stirling Highway, possibly mentioning direction Fremantle (unsure if there’s a road sign at this intersection though).

I assume this could be because there are 4 segments in the turn as it is mapped, all named Winthrop Avenue. Is there a way to update this to result in clearer directions from the routing application?

Do you mean something like OpenStreetMap?

Yes, but on OsmAnd+ using offline routing, I get the following:

  • Head 61 Winthrop Avenue (488m)
  • Turn right and go 61 Winthrop Avenue (327m)
  • You have arrived (815m)

This must be a quirk of the app, but would there be a way around it?

Graphhopper seems to do a similar thing.

OK, now that I have taken a look in JOSM, it does appear that the intersection modelling was a little too complex. I have simplified it, so I hope OSMAnd will have better luck in the future.

Thank you Andrew, this has solved it.

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