route=bicycle on train sections?

Why is this section marked as part of a bicycle route? It is only accessible by train, this is a railway not a cycleway!

To discuss this on an international level, I opened this topic:

I do not see any cycleway tags there or on the containing relation, can you explain what you refer to?

That is because I have changed it into route=shuttle_train.
BTW According to the Eurovelo site, this section is still under development.
There is no bicycle route from Ventimiglia to Cuneo at all (I have cycled there recently).
So if we must map what is on the ground this cycle route does not exist and should be removed.
An alternative is taking the train, that is why I have changed it into route=shuttle_train.
Cycling on a railroad is absolutely wrong.

I do not know the situation on the ground, but in general route=bicycle has no implication for the highway class, it only states there is a cycling route

Well, it is a railway line, absolutely forbidden and impossible to go there on bike! :wink:
See a video of this “bicycle route” here: