Roundabouts in Eilat

I am staying in Eilat atm and started mapping a bit during my walks. There are many roundabouts with names and a special “theme” like love, the small prince, or dedicated to people. How can I add/tag them on the map?

We, at IHM, are using the description tag to add extra data to places.
I tend to think it might be appropriate for this purpose as well…

If locals call place by some well known but unofficial name - loc_name attribute might be used as well.

The names are official (many have a sign e.g. "Ben gurion square).
Sorry I am pretty new to this and so far only added poi via the osm app. The roundabouts don’t show up as a place or poi on the map and I guess it doesn’t make sense to add them as a poi?
This is how they look like:

IMO the names like that may be set onto roundabout road.