roundabout; yes or no?

Hi there,
please excuse me asking in English. I’m a german mapper who was requested to add tags of an “expanded lanes-scheme” to that junction:
(Thanks Marek :slight_smile:
Whats the problem?
For me this way
and others there are not junction= roundabout but rather highway=secondary_link. Roundabouts have special rules for the right of way in countries I know, but here’s a traffic_signal on that way, whats very strange for roundabouts. I see more or less two crossing dual-carriageways with a special kind of links :confused:
Before I change and add a lot of things there your opinion is important for me. I don’t like vandalism.
And know a lot of eyes will have a deep look to what I’ll do there :roll_eyes:

Hi, i agree with you, it’s not roundabout according to OSM rules. Reason why it’s taged that way is polish sign C-12.

May I get a link to that sign? Maybe it has to be considered developing extended lanes-scheme :confused:

Real sign on discussed place:,16.889894&spn=0.002006,0.003484&sll=54.163242,18.17425&sspn=2.78858,7.13562&t=h&hnear=Grunwaldzka,+Pozna%C5%84&z=19&layer=c&cbll=52.40294,16.889911&panoid=yLr9vP32ucdaCa7i7VegQw&cbp=12,295.01,0,-0.97

See also this:

This is not first crossing with unnecessary junction=rounabout discussed here :slight_smile: In this situations we agree to delete this tag from this type of crossing.

Dear Dammat,
do we have any possibility to find out where such, wrong tagged, roundabouts are?

Looks like lanes are drown as separate ways, which increase the problem.

Edit: I guess this is a real roundabout at night, when traffic signals are off.

Thank you. The sign looks like international standard for roundabouts but in OSM we have this wiki:
and there I found:
“A roundabout is a one-way street with right-of-way and a non-traversable center island.”

I dont think so, because there are these dotted lines for “give way” :confused:

Those dotted lines are related to traffic signals (you’re not allowed to cross them when light is red). In Poland ‘give way’ lines are made of small triangles:

Thanks, even an elder man learns something new :sunglasses:

I think it’s possible, we need to search for lines with junction:roundabout and node with highway=traffic signals in small distance form each other.

great. I forwarded this idea internally in the company I work, but we need it for OSM as well.
Who could help develop such tool?

Mapping at that junction I have a question because of this relation:
It seems to me that this way
is wrong and should be unassigned to relation 286405 :confused:

I made a little overpass-turbo data miner which could help:
It shows all junction=roundabout in red and if there are highway=traffic_signals closer than 30 meters they are shown green. Please choose bounding box not to big at first and zoom in to see details.
May be there are better solutions but this one is my first handmade overpass-turbo-selection.