roundabout error

happy 2012 everyone!!

may i know where am i getting this wrong… we drive on the left lane in malaysia, hence roundabouts are clockwise.

this is the error while using mapquest

and using locus

this is the edit

Hello There,

I don’t think you should have to a have a “direction” tag on a roundabout like this one, but you could try adding the tag “direction=clockwise” tag and see if it makes a difference. I have come across smaller roundabouts (two or three exits) which show up as errors on the Keep Right site. The only way to introduce a direction/correct these errors is to tag the direction either clockwise or anticlockwise as the case may be.


the online router is correct:

So, I guess your mapquest/locus apps are working on old data.


thanks all for feedback. does anyone know which android app uses up-to-date routing data?

For generating the maps for different devices, different software is used. I would not exclude the possibility that the software which generated your maps requires a “oneway=yes” tag on the roundabout.

Have you already tried OsmAnd on your phone?

some hints for that:

  1. You can dowlnoad very fresh OSM data from the main server and create Osmand maps via OsmandMapCreator.

  2. Always try the latest development version of Osmand via … there are even nightly versions.

  3. You can try two or three online routers with Osmand, but also it has an own offline router. Try the last one and report!

  • osmand routed correctly.
  • wrote to locus and their reply was that the app uses MapQuest service to compute route.
  • that road has 3 identical roundabouts. i will tag “oneway=yes” on 2 out of 3 to see if i can identify the cause.
    tq once again for all ur input

update… mapquest app now routes the wrong direction on the roundabout which i didnt tag “oneway=yes”.