Rotating map for viewing

Hello . I’m pretty new . How i can rotate a map for viewing?
Usually you have to press SHIFT plus mouse button but here is not working.
Who can help me?

Short answer: unfortunately, it’s not possible on

Not only the official website now, that’s not possible for all-raster tile maps in general (maybe you can add vector labels on a raster map background). Also the Leaflet “program” itself doesn’t support rotating, although there seems to be other variants.
Most actual applications using OSM data does use vector tiles, from OSMAnd to Qwant Maps (OpenMapTiles). If you want the default Carto style, most prominently Esri has a vector version of it for some time.
For something community or official organization based, there’s OSM Americana OpenStreetMap Americana

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Are you looking for something like this or that?

If you have done changes to the map, than you can look at it a few days later - the rendering needs that…

This based on Simple 3D Buildings.

Maps based on leaflet like don’t support rotating and tilting, you need to use a map based on other software like Maplibre (where rotating is done by holding right click and dragging, not pressing shift).

For example, if you need to rotate/tilt the 2D map you can use:

If you also need 3D buildings you can use


Actually Maplibre supports also rotating and tilting on raster tiles (of course without 3D buildings), see for example on Stamen watercolor.

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