Rooms not rendering

A couple days ago, I added labels for a whole bunch of rooms at this school (see below link) using buildingpart = room, but they are not rendering. Other labels like rooms tagged as offices do render though. What am I doing wrong?

This tag is strange, it has no wiki page and 10k uses:

This should be probably building:part=room, but it has 1k uses:

This is however indoor tagging and this is not rendered on standard map. There are special indoor maps available:

buildingpart is not a conventional tag for indoor mapping (it belongs to S3DB - Simple 3D Buildings).

For indoor mapping you should use indoor=room. JOSM, Vespucci have indoor editing modes, and OpenLevelUp is the best way to visualise the data. You also really need to map them as areas: these dont need to be absolutely precise, but it’s not too difficult to get things approximately in the right place (counting windows, general idea of depth of rooms etc).

It is actually even more complicated.

buildingpart was used by the defunct IndoorOSM schema

building:part is used by S3DB

This is one of the reasons why we needed to depart from IndoorOSM tags for SIT (

Current indoor tagging should use indoor=room with room=xx for rooms.

None of the above will be rendered on non-specialist maps at the current point in time.

Yes, I have needed to correct quite a few of those…