Sorry for using English, but I noticed something potentially problematic during usual editing and OSM-related software development. (possibly also others) ismaking low-quality, apparently undiscussed automated imports.

From what I see all their edits are violating as there is no link to documentation of import - with explanation of copyright status and confirmation that local community agreed.

I reverted some of their imports after they failed to reply (both to my comments in English and earlier comments by local editors).

Is there local consensus how edits should be treated? Maybe someone can contact with them in yet another way and explain what they are doing wrong?

Edits like are a poor idea - there is no real source, there is no link to discussion with local community, there is no link to import documentation page… With so clueless editing there is significant risk that this imported data is copyrighted making impossible to use it in OSM/wrong/mistagged/etc.

the situation is not simple. Rocketdata discussed some imports in the beginning of 2019, but then stopped this practice. I look over edits in OSM in Moscow and Moscow region, so, if I see that something wrong with Rocketdata’s imports, reporting to them by telegram (they usually fix these bugs). Several times I reverted their imports with very big quantity of mistakes, they fixed the mistakes and imported these data again.

I know that in BYOSM telegram channel editors from Belarus have good connect with Rocketdata too.

There is no serious complaint about them lately. And if there is a remark, they are eliminated.

Hi, guys! Sorry for delay and inconvenience. In future imports we will link documentation page in changeset comment.

We are SAAS, helping business owners to actualize business info of their companies on the web. licence DbCL 1.0 because the business owner or employee of the published point, he places the data through our software.
our terms

Note that consulting with OSM community is mandatory. It is not required to make something really complicated see for details


Review on is a required part, though “it is discussed with a local community and they accepted it, here is a link” significantly helps.

Good luck in doing this! It can be helpful to everyone.

Explanation about such significant requirements for imports: there were cases of people importing copyrighted data, wrong data, duplicated data, mistagged data etc.

Reverting broken imports may be really tricky, is some cases impossible to do properly. In the worst cases it was necessary to delete all what was mapped in the city because it was based on original copyrighted data that was mistakenly added to OpenStreetMap database, including many edits by normal mappers.