Roads not connected?

Please se picture below.


This is between Chiangrai and Chiang Saen.
When I come across errors like this, is it ok to connect the roads and save?

Cheers, Oddvar

I suggest to check that there is no indication of an actual reason for an impossibly to move from one way to the other. A bridge under construction or blocked due to safety would be such a reason. But in these cases you would find a note or something similar nearby.

Your specific case looks just like a mapping bug. It happens when the Web editors don’t snap in to a way. And later you don’t see the problem when the gap in between is too small.

Please go on and fix it to make routing possible.


Thanks, I will do that.
I don’t use routing when riding. Just when at home checking distances.

Hi Oddvar …
Yes, have to admit guilt here. When I converted the 1016 to dual carriageway, its easy to forget to link up the parallel road that can be generated automatically, especially when u do it a section at a time. A quick look at the way history suggests it was probably my error.

But, this raises another issue that perhaps needs a new post … I raised Hwy 1016 from a Tertiary road, to a secondary road … as I do for many of the 4-digit (non-prefixed) Nationally maintained roads that I come across.

This is in total line with the Wiki at

So now I notice a chap called “sal73x” has upgraded it again to Primary. Anybody know him ? If he is right to do that, then can we change the advice in the Wiki. I have written to him for an explanation and unless he addresses the Forum, I will post his reasons here.

And if that is not bad enough, he could not be bothered to change the many links (U-turns) to match … an error often picked up by Osmose and the like.


You can also check for such unconnected roads using OSM Inspector:

Be careful with the minor roads. You often have the situation that a residential road is inside a gated community and there is a fence or wall blocking the access to the public road outside. In these cases (when there is no possibility to get from one way to the other, also not by walking) then add a noexit=yes to the last node to mark this. If there is a footway used by residents as a shortcut, put the footway there as a connection.

This is an example of such a location.,unconnected_major2,unconnected_major5
I believe on the aerial is a wall visible. But from remote it is not possible to tell whether there is a possibility to travel by foot or by bike. So this needs local inspection.

edit: added example of close connection