Roads in National Parks/State Parks

I’m just back from my USA road trip and slowly trying to add new OSM stuff now. One question I came up on was whether we tag roads within the parks as toll roads.
You usually have to pay a fee to enter by vehicle so in this sense it would be a toll road.
What do you guys think?


The precedence I’ve seen for national and state parks with fee:

If you are up for it, mark park with tags:
charge=admission description
This is not done frequently, I could not find this tag in few parks I know of.

If a state park really only requires to pay for parking, cost info could also go into parking lots, but for parks with many parking lots that seems like a lot of work for few will appreciate (Yellowstone has too many lots to count).

I like your proposal because it will support routing request to avoid toll roads.
What tag would you use to mark those roads?
I don’t know if “access=customers” would mess with navigation.

There is a tag for toll roads ( I think I’ll do it this way. Oftentimes the park itself didn’t have an entrance fee if you walked in so a toll seems better than a general fee at the park.
In Germany we have to put fee=yes/no on every parking space because we like to charge you for everything here. :D:D
I don’t think it’s necessary to put the exact amount in as it’s changing too often.

Yellowstone has a fee for entering the park regardless of how you do it, but no fee for use of the parking lots once you’re in, so tagging the parking lots is incorrect. On the other hand, my local state park has signs in all* the parking lots stating that you need a permit or one-day pass to park there, but doesn’t charge a fee for entering the park, so tagging the parking lots as “fee=yes” makes sense.

*Almost all. I’ve found one parking lot where they missed putting up the sign and directions to the nearest fee station, and I suspect there are two parking lots that I haven’t yet found and mapped.