Roads divided only by hatched lines


There is no consensus on how we should map main roads at junctions, where they are divided only by hatched lines and with no other physical division such as grass, at least in Greece only.

An example of the junctions that I refer to is at, which is currently shown with separate ways for each direction even though there are only hatched lines to separate them.

I am thinking about replacing existing divided sections with a single line with detailed lane and placement information as highlighted at

For the 5th example in the table, I propose lanes=3, lanes:forward=1 and lanes:backward=1.
For the 6th example in the table, I propose lanes=6, lanes:forward=3 and lanes:backward=2.

Junction with physical divisions, as simple as guard-rails, bollards, grass or kerbs, are not to be affected.

However, I seek further opinions on what the consensus should be, since we never thought of this before.