Roads and background overlays

Hi, I’m new to this and I had a question about updating the accuracy of roads, paths etc based on aerial data. Depending on which background I pick in the editor, the angles and offsets of the roads compared to the actual data are vastly different - so I don’t know if I’m actually fixing a route or breaking it, depnding on which view you are looking at. Is there a correct way to do this?

You’ll need to use whatever information you can find to align different layers of aerial imagery. Have a look at what GPS traces are available in that area (and you can of course go there yourself and record new traces). It also might help to ask the rest of the local community what layers people find to be less offsite there.

Another option is that you might have well-aligned out of copyright or open government data available. Where I am the road centrelines from GB’s OS OpenData are pretty good (if sometimes out of date) though some of their other similar data (e.g. buildings and woodland cover) is less useful. Wherever you are there might be something similar.