"Road" vs "Rd" when searching for a feature

I noticed when searching for features that the search utility does not seem to understand “rd” when entered as a short form of “road”. Since I’m a new user on the forums, I can’t upload more than one image here, so here are Google Drive links to an example.

Search of the full name of the feature, which successfully locates the feature: 6300-112 - search term including road.png - Google Drive

Search with “rd” instead of “road”, which completely fails to find the feature: 6300-112 - search term including rd.png - Google Drive

The tags of the feature: 6300-112 - tags.png - Google Drive

I added a short_name tag to an attached way, 6300-125 (which I can’t link to right now because as a new user, I’m only allowed 3 links in a post), which include “rd” instead of “road”, and I can successfully locate that feature with the search term including “rd”. This might go against the “no abbreviation” principle, but for the purpose of rapidly locating a feature, abbreviations are very valuable.

Is this an issue with the search function not able to detect and expand an abbreviation? Is this a tagging issue? Is this expected behavior, and every feature should get a short_name tag with every possible term abbreviated? Is this something else that I’m not thinking of?

I appreciate any help with this matter.