Road tagging


I’ve been mapping in Japan for a while, and I saw some strange road tagging, like this:

There’s no difference on Bing imagery between this highway=teritary and highway=residental roads.

Generaly speaking I find the osm map of Japan is very dense.

After doing some research I came to a conclusion, that the Japan road tagging guidelines, avaible at, stand out from tagging in other countries. My main concern here is that there’s very little difference between Teritary, Unclassified and Residental.

I want to propose a different system for road tagging in Japan, that would be cleaner:
highway=motorway - Expressways (高速道路) - - No change from current tagging

highway=trunk - Class 1 National Routes (一級国道) - - All highways with highway=trunk and 1 or 2 digit ref= value, except for ref=58.

highway=primary - Class 2 National Routes (二級国道) - (same article as above) - Currently all highway=trunk roads and ref= 3 digit long, or ref=58

highway=secondary - Major prefectural road (主要地方道) (1 or 2 digit long and hexagon shape) - - Currently all highway=primary

highway=tertiary - Minior prefectural road (一般地方道) (3 digit long and hexagon shape) - (same article as above) - Currently all highway=secondary

highway=unclassified - Other roads connecting cities, towns or villages - Currently all highway=teritary

highway=residental - Roads within nieghbourhoods - Currently all highway=unclassified and highway=residental

The difference between highway=unclassified and highway=residental should be as stated on highway=residental OSM wiki page:

I tried to make the tagging scheme easy to migrate from the current one - the only roads that need to be changed manually are some prefectural road links (current highway=trunk_link) without the ref= tag.

In the end I just want to ask you what do you think about the current tagging scheme, and what do you think about developing a new scheme.