Road restriction called a 'Plug'

Two roads in my area in Bracknell have a feature called a ‘Plug’ at one end. The roads are normal two-way roads, but at one end only are ‘no entry, exit only’, at the other both entry and exit. Is there a tag that can be used to mark this on the map.


Split the way just where the plug starts (if it is something physical as well), or a few meters from the end (length of your average car, perhaps?), and mark the last bit as oneway=yes in the exit direction ?

That would properly describe the situation, routing-wise as well.

Many thanks for your help. Have changed the two roads as suggested.

I don’t understand this at all.
I’ve heard the term “plug” used before.

If a road is two-way most of the way, is entry-and-exit at one end, and “exit only” at the end in question, well that’s just a normal “no entry” sign at one end.

Why have a special name for something that’s been around for 100+ years ?

The presence of a “no entry” at one end means just that: you can’t “go in” that way. It in no way signals that any part of the road is one-way, other than the inifinitessimally short section where the NE sign is.

I.e. if you could magically bypass the no-entry sign by having your vehicle dropped just beyond it by helicopter for example, the vehicle would be free to travel two-way ?

What is the need for a term “plug” ? Does it denote something else.

Richard [in SG2]