Road Network Improvement - Bangkok and surroundings

Hello Thailand Community,

Hope you all are doing well!

Our local mapper’s team is going to add missing highways and update a few areas in Bangkok and its surroundings based on the survey and Satellite Imagery.

Please find the details here: . The MapRoulette link is available with the ticket.

Please feel free to reach out to us at for any suggestions or questions.

Thank you & Happy Mapping!
Grab Geo


Hey @Grab_Geo,
Thanks for the update!

Will you be sharing these GPS traces with the community via the OSM traces module or as an external tool?

Having these traces visible ensure consistency and prevent further conflicts where other mappers may alter your contributions without knowing these were based on ground GPS traces.

A changeset description/source is not enough, since the changeset history is reset when a road segment is split (very common).

I left a comment in the above issue on GitHub. I am uncertain what kind of road geometry you try to “improve” using GPS. As Bangkok is relatively flat, you should have only minimal imagery distortions due to height model applied on georectification.
The effects of inaccurate GPS tracks due to multipath effects and other urban canyon problems are likely much bigger.

Please be extra cautious to not make road geometry worse by taking GPS tracks as reference.

Uploading the GPS tracks to OSM might help later mappers. So having the data in OSM is certainly preferred to having you offering it on some 3rd party site.

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Hello @julcnx and @stephankn,

Thanks for your ask and recommendations on the GPS Traces! We are working internally to find the best way to share them from our side.

Just a note to remember, that these GPS tracks are recorded from our local mapper’s survey, we will only release these traces along the new areas that we are mapping. We will ensure to mention “GPS Traces” in the changeset source as well.

Thank you!