Road_minor disappearing at Zoom 12

I’m designing a layout on maputnik. I am running this style on a tileserver-gl server using a planet.mbtiles file.

When I zoom to Level 12, road minor is not visible but at level 12.01, it shows up. I cannot figure out why road minor is disappearing even when I set zoom level attributes and I think it should be showing. The base style is osm liberty. Road minor is the white roads in this image
The style is located here

Any help would be appreciated.

I am not very familiar with vector tile schemas, but are you sure the information you want is actually present in the tiles at zoom 12?

I think many “small” features are omitted entirely at low zoom to reduce bandwidth and improve performance, so if the minor roads are getting stripped at an earlier stage then the style will not be able to enable something that just doesn’t exist in those tiles. If the tiles lack something you want then I think you will have to have them regenerated to start including them sooner.

If you are able to display the tiles in a wireframe/styleless view that might help determine what’s actually available for styling at each level.