Road destroyed by landslide. Survey, photos, and tagging

I went today to the place where the road was destroyed by the landslide. I made some photos and recorded the coordinates. The road is damaged only in this particular point. It will be closed for traffic for three months.

This is the road leading to a mountain lake. I saw that people drive all the way to the barrier, then turn back. I’ve never mapped a road damaged by landslide, still I tried to do it to prevent the waste of time and fuel. Here is the link:

Did I do it right? Or is there any suggestions or corrections?


That’s all right. You could also set part of the road to highway=construction and enter the landslide as natural=landslide.

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Thank you for adding this.

access=no and hazard=landslide on the road. barrier=gate with access=no on each side.

Looks fine to me. There might be a better value for barrier but it doesn’t really affect the result.

I would also leave a note on the map, as a reminder to future mappers (and to myself!) to “reopen” the road on the map when it reopens in real life.

Can you confirm if the parallel footpath is still open? Way: 33927502 | OpenStreetMap

The footpath is definitely still opened, it was not damaged at all. Here is the photo I’ve made from the footpath. And I added the note.

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Thank you. I added natural=landslide area.

I’d suggest making the note a Fix-me, & also adding a description “Road destroyed by landslide Jan 2024. Expected to re-open May 2024” or similar.

Also delete the source=Bing 2015 tag as that certainly doesn’t match with what you’re saying now!

Thanks! I edited the note as: “Road destroyed by landslide December 2023. Expected to re-open April 2024”. I did not add the Fix-me, as I plan to visit this area and fix it myself as soon as the road repaired.

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Thank you all! The road is well repaired and reopened. The map is updated.