Road closure to vehicular traffic - but map looks the same!

Hi all,

I am an OSM newbie, can I ask for some advice?

In my local area, roads are being closed off with cycle-only sections as part of a traffic calming scheme. I have changed the section of the road in question on OSM from road to pedestrian, changed access to vehicles: no, cycles:yes, pedestrians:yes, but still the road is not changing visually on the map. It is still a road-wide, white road with black borders.

I’d expect the footpath section to be changed to a grey, thinner line. What am I doing wrong?

Would it be possible to link to the area in question? It might just be that the “standard” map tiles haven’t updated yet, as a new style update was released last night and tiles may be re-rendered slower. I’m assuming that you’re talking about OSM’s “standard” map here - the one that you see by default on the site. If you select the layer switcher (the unlabelled “stack of books” icon at the right) you can also select from one of four others.

It’s also worth mentioning that any “general purpose” map has an essentially impossible job - different groups of people look at it hoping to get different sorts of information (including among others “how wide is the road”, “who is allowed to travel along it” and “what is the surface like”), and any one map rendering will struggle to satisfy all requirements. There are lots of discussions about how best to address these sorts of issues over at - certainly the problem of how best to render something that has different access rights for different sorts of traffic has been.

It may also be (depending on the actual work done by the council) that different tagging might make more sense - I’ve certainly seen road changes similar to yours where a short cycleway section is the best representation of what’s happening on the ground.