Road 1016 NE of Mae Chan

Hi all,

I’m trying to clean up a bit of a mess there. Track logs seem to indicate that this road may be dual carriageway and part of it has been drawn as such. Bing images show a painted median with one lane in each direction. My understanding is that such a road should be drawn as a single line. Am I correct?

Google and ESRI show DC, Google sat images seem a little older and show an ordinary road.

Does anybody have local knowledge?



It appears the road’s been covered by Google Street View. It seems to have been expanded not long before when they ran the route in March 2012.

I had been driving there in April 2012. Still have a huge back-log of pictures from photo-mapping. GPS Tracks are already uploaded to the server.

I remember the road being very dusty as construction work had been going on. Do DC is most likely. The 1290 was also routed on a completely new section. I guess had been one of the first cars driving there. Should be covered by GPS tracks…


Thanks folks. I have left the W portion as DC and cleaned up the mess.