Riverside County project

Welcome, I am inviting anyone who is up to join to map Riverside County with me.
Please reply if you would like to join.

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Hi! I’ve already spent a bunch of time mapping the BLM and National Park Service roads in Riverside. That carried over to mapping some of the residential areas around Twentynine Palms and Joshua Tree.

I’m currently working on doing the same for San Bernardino but would be happy to share notes etc on Riverside.

Sure. Thanks for the notes! :smile:

You might look up the Riverside County GIS data available online. Their alignment for roads is not great, but the data is useful to confirm names where street-level imagery isn’t clear. And they do have other information like speed limits that could be helpful.

I should add that I spent some time a while back working on USFS roads and trails in Cleveland National Forest and San Bernardino National Forest, both of which extend into Riverside County. The name and ref tags and alignment should be reasonably good, but there might still be some cleanup to do. And there are other USFS features like campsites and picnic areas that could be mapped or updated.

Thank you for the idea!

Also, if you’re not already on the OSM US Slack, you might consider joining. The #local-california channel there often has discussions about mapping in SoCal, including Riverside.

Ok! Thanks for letting me know
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