River names

I do not understand Thailand… But who does?

Tapi river is often called “Mae Nam Tapi” on the sign boards near bridges. But occasionally, I also found “Khlong Tapi”. Of course, the next one farther upstream was again “Mae Nam Tapi”…
Did you experience such an odd thing elsewhere? And what did you do with the (Thai) river name in OSM?

Even more confusing is Sok river. Apart from the fact that a river to the west is also called “Khlong Sok” on a signboard of road 4090 (it’s Khlong Takua Pa in Google), I saw signboard with “Khlong Thahan” on the river to the east which we currently call “Khlong Sok” (as Google does). See also note https://www.openstreetmap.org/note/2056381 - it may be the name of the river just south of it (which is “Khlong Phanom” in Google).

I am confused.

Hi Bernard,

You say you’re confused. I say, join the club.

Thai names are often confusing and inconsistent. Plus, the English translations included on some signs vary depending on which sign you’re reading. I lived on Siriton Road here in Chiang Mai for a while. The street sign on the east end of it said Sirinton Road while the west end had Siriton. Our landlord used the latter so we did too.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thanks Dave. Let’s create the Club of Confused Mappers. :smiley:
With “Siriton” vs. “Sirinton”, that’s just a minor spelling difference (Chandi vs. Jundee - node https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5398030104#map=19/8.38351/99.54093 - looks much more different, but will result in the same pronunciation). In contrast, “thahan” and “sok” are too different.