Ride sharing for "Mapillary Street Level Imagery" in Shkoder County

Ride sharing for “Mapillary Street Level Imagery” in Shkoder County (Albania)!

Data Collection - Data Processing - Data Presentation

OpenStreetMap is a community project which requires so much time to invest in the mapping process from OpenStreetMap. Nowadays, with the rapid change of the cities, people are demanding more and more for digital information. Digital cartography plays an essential role in various areas of digital cities.

Even though many of us use directly and indirectly the data from OpenStreetMap, there are still people that do not know where the data come from. Without this community, OpenStreetMap cannot exist.

I chose Shkodra and the surrounding area of it as the first area to develop this project. Why Shkodra? Because Shkodra is my hometown and I still live there. Some years ago, I started editing a very detailed OpenStreetMap in Shkodra.

In attempting to provide different grant projects for OpenStreetMap and HotOSM and etc., I have not been successful. For a couple of months I have been trying to create Mapillary Street Level Imagery myself using mobile phones.

Data collecting by Mapillary Street Level Imagery is a simple process that simplifies editing in OpenStreetMap with JOSM from anywhere. Here I am now. To the next step of data collection.
Mapillary Street Level Imagery is a service available to the community.

I am asking everyone in my area, in Albania / Kosovo and everyone who is on the road in Albania, if you want to contribute to using your mobile phones for mapillary imagery, please send me a text message. Almost every weekend, I choose a route in and around Shkodra.