[RFC] Tagging solar panel trackers

Following the previous discussion, I’ve developed a tagging proposal to indicate the existence and type of solar tracker on solar panels and thermal collectors.

Since I started last month at Global Energy Monitor, I’ve single-handedly added thousands of instances of solar:tracking=* and have become the majority user of it. There was no documentation of this tag at the time, and the de facto tagging scheme had two redundant values describing the same thing. As mapping coverage of this feature grows, it will need a clearly defined set of tag values.

See the wiki page here, and discuss on the talk page: Proposal:Solar Panel Trackers - OpenStreetMap Wiki

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If myveyes dont deceice me your solar tracker tag has 21k entries now in vertical takeoff. Bit late for RFC.

This proposal deprecates solar:tracking=* and its undocumented, redundant values in favor of generator:solar:tracking=* and a rigid set of values. Whatever tags the community consensus lands on, we’re willing to do a mechanical edit accordingly.