[RFC] information=public_transport_information_desk

Proposing public_transport_information_desk as a new value for tourism=information information=*. The new tag is supposed to be used for places where one can get information and help from a public transport company, e.g. in case of delays. public_transport_information_desk is explicitly not ment to be used for places selling tickets, these should be tagged as shop=ticket.
The full proposal can be found at Proposal:Public transport information desk - OpenStreetMap Wiki. Please let me know your thoughts on the proposal.

Too wordy - why not just information=public_transport?


The proposal looks unfinished right now - namely whenever such public transport info desk would be a node, way, area, or relation. +1 for shortening the name.

Since it will be stuffed into tourism=information anyway have you thought about editing information office page to be akin to “An office where you can get information about a town, region, or public transport” ?

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I think it’s better to be more specific, information=public_transport could be miss interpreted and e.g. used for depature boards (board_type=public_transport)

This is why documentation exists.

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What would be the difference with tourism=information + information=board + board_type=public_transport?

There exist information desks for many other purposes, e.g. in shopping malls and airports and we should not use a different 30 to 40 letter value for each of them. So, why not take information=board + board_type=* as an example and use


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Thanks for your feedback and detailed suggestions! Looks like my proposal wasn’t good and I have to rework it.

The suggestions of @rainerU and Kovposch sound promising:

What could be other categories for helpdesk_type? Appart from one in the munich zoo I don’t know any helpdesks that are not public_transport related.