[RFC] Feature Proposal - vending=ski pass

As ski resorts become increasingly digitized, the use of automated machines for dispensing ski passes is growing. These machines offer convenience, allowing skiers to pick up pre-purchased passes or buy them on-site without needing to queue at customer service. However, there is currently no specific way to tag these machines in OSM. The introduction of vending=ski_pass aims to fill this gap, providing a clear and standardized method to map these amenities.


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There is already something mentioned in https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/w/index.php?title=Piste_Maps&mobileaction=toggle_view_desktop#Other
Is it not optimal?

Hello yvacai,

Thank you very much for your comment.

I believe you refer to the tag shop=ticket, is that correct?

The proposed tag vending=ski_pass to specifically denote automated machines for dispensing ski passes, rather than using the broader tag shop=ticket can be supported by several arguments. Here are some compelling reasons to consider the introduction and adoption of the vending=ski_pass tag:

  1. Specificity and Precision: The vending=ski_pass tag provides a clear and unambiguous indication that the machine dispenses ski passes, as opposed to the generic shop=ticket tag, which could refer to a variety of ticket types (e.g., concert tickets, bus tickets, museum entry). This specificity is beneficial for users who are specifically looking for ski pass vending machines, enhancing their mapping and navigation experience.
  2. Improved Data Analysis and Usage: With a specific tag for ski pass vending machines, data analysts and app developers can create more tailored applications and services for winter sports enthusiasts. For example, ski resort apps could easily integrate this data to show nearby ski pass vending locations, improving convenience for skiers and snowboarders.
  3. Enhanced Searchability: Users searching for ski pass vending machines would be able to do so more efficiently with the vending=ski_pass tag. This is particularly useful in regions with multiple recreational facilities, where distinguishing between different types of ticket vending machines is important.
  4. Consistency with Existing Tagging Practices: OSM has a precedent for creating specific tags for vending machines, such as vending=excrement_bags, vending=parking_tickets and vending=bicycle_tube. Introducing vending=ski_pass follows this logical structure, providing a consistent approach to tagging across the platform.

While the shop=ticket tag might be suitable for a broad range of ticket sales points, the introduction of vending=ski_pass serves the OSM community by offering detailed, relevant, and user-focused data. It enhances the utility of the map for specific interests and activities, aligning with the principles of granularity and precision that make OSM a valuable resource for diverse user groups.

(writen with the hellp of AI, but it speaks my mind :blush:)

Fully agree with your ai-assisted verbose comment.
However isn’t it a good opportunity to take care of shops or offices selling ski pass?

Arguably vending=*_ticket in =vending_machine is a competing format against ticket= / ticket:*= in shop=ticket that needs to be solved. And what’s the difference with Tag:vending=admission_tickets - OpenStreetMap Wiki + eg admission=ski ? Don’t create a =*_ticket / =*_pass for everything. It’s not scalable, and doesn’t allow them to be used generically without support for specific new vals.