[RFC] Feature proposal - use shop=tortilla for tortilla shops and tortillerías

I think that not proposing any specific tagging in the proposal is fine?

Though you may run into:

  • people unhappy that there is no proposed solution
  • people unhappy with specific suggested solution

I expect that second group will be smaller. But not 100% sure about this.

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But it has been requested and discussed before. It’s something that should be addressed since people will ask for this. We will have thousands of these shops in the map, maybe several dozens or hundreds of POIs will need this specificity.

I feel obligated to at least suggest something.

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Maybe the kind of tortilla should be specified, as the word has a broad meaning.
When I do an image search for tortilla, about a quarter of the images show a Spanish tortilla, which is some kind of omelette and thus completely different from American tortillas that are discussed so far.
I would assume there is potential for confusion between those two types.


I must admit that I thought of the delicious Spanish omelette that we have had on holiday in Spain, was being discussed

The bread types are usually referred to just as wraps.

Supermarkets usually sell both and qualify the difference by using tortilla wrap for the flat bread and Spanish tortilla for the omelette.



Phil (trigpoint)

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Here in the Americas, I’ve never heard of a Spanish tortilla before. It looks like something that would be served at a restaurant (thus a cuisine=* value perhaps) or sold at a grocery store. Do tortillerías españolas similarly need a distinct shop=* value? If not, I think name-suggestion-index could avoid confusion by setting the shop=tortilla preset’s British English name to “Tortilla Wrap Shop” or somesuch.


The proposal links to the mesoamerican tortilla entry in Wikipedia, to be completely specific. Also, Spanish tortillas are a dish, hence, they could be tagged as such with something like “spanish_tortilla” as in food:spanish_tortilla=served in an amenity. We are talking here about a shop, it can’t be confounded with a restaurant or a cafe. In any case, if there are shops specialized on selling spanish tortillas as a staple food, and I don’t think there are nearly as many as there are tortillerias, they can always propose a shop=spanish_tortilla tag.

About the other point being the ingredient, my proposal states explicitly that these tortillas are made from some kind of grain and this should be tagged, while Spanish tortillas are made from eggs.

Curiously enough, the original name of “tortillas” was tlaxcalli, from the Nahuatl language. The Spanish conquerors did find them similar to those tortillas from Spain, because they share the same shape. Anyway, the current international name is tortilla. I’m not that worried about a confusion, really.