[RFC] Feature Proposal - Tags for Volunteers

Please, cross post this announcement on the tagging mailing list on my behalf by sending an email to: tagging@openstreetmap.org

Introducing this new proposal which would add additional tags that are useful for people looking to volunteer somewhere as well as useful for locations which make use of volunteer labor.

Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

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I think this goes way too deep for OSM.

The benefits often depend on too many factors and may change frequently. Also the urgency is entirely subjective and may change depending on the weather and the phase of the moon (figuratively speaking), which is going to get out of date super quickly, and an organisation may already be dissolved by the time users have updated their OSM-based maps.

“Urgency” for volunteers can also mean the responsiveness to life-or-death situations when we’re talking about rescue organisations, and in those cases the urgency for volunteers may have nothing to do with the survival of the organisation itself.

Descriptions of shifts are also way beyond what we can fit in our tags, and such a tag doesn’t take into account that there can be multiple completely different tasks and roles within the organisation.

I wouldn’t mind a basic tag that says if organisations are staffed in full or in part by volunteers, but anything beyond that goes too deeply into the topic for OSM.