[RFC] Feature Proposal - Tag:natural=fiery_fountain

This proposal wants to add the value fiery_fountain to the natural key to describe a particular natural gas spring that has often a self-sustained flame.


Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.


I think the thing you are describing is called a “gas flare”? Unless that’s just for industrial usages and this is something different.

I do think “fiery fountain” is a really fun name though :smiley:

The one you linked is man made, the one i’m doing the proposal of is natural. I don’t know if it’s the correct name in english, since it’s a pretty rare thing i didn’t find much information online aside from the wikipedia page I linked in the initial post. And yes, I like the name very much :smiley:

You’re talking about a geiser(?), there’s a tag for that, something like old faithful in yellowstone park

No, it is about a natural inflammable gas outlet in the ground, similar to a man made

but being a natural object. There must be less than a dozen all around the world, so I don’t think a proposal is necessary for such a few objects - I’d rather discuss the correct naming in english here and then document it in the wiki.

yes, it is but I have some doubt that this is a common description for these gas outlets … :thinking:

Again, in these times of sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction I believe sooner or later these few outlets will be covered and connected to some pipeline anyhow, to make use of the gas - so we should think about a tagging which can still be used when there is no more “fiery fountain” any longer … :wink:

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I only found the name in italian and french since both country host at least one of them

There is also Darvaza gas crater - Wikipedia

It has natural=crater - how it would be tagged now? It is actually a crater from what I see.

The only obvious answer is natural=fiery_crater.


A fiery fountain sounds like something you’d see at a really cool new Year’s Eve celebration. Sounds awesome! :fire::fountain:

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According to the WP article it is not a natural object, but man made … so I would tag it as

tourism=picnic-site with

Btw: Reading the WP article, what did I say …?!?.. they want to cover it up, collect the gas and sell it.

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How many of these are there in the world? The impression I get from Wikipedia is that they’re exceedingly rare – the Wikipedia article identifies two by name, while Commons has pictures of another six. Is there really a need for a distinct tag that will only ever be used eight times?

@Carnildo There are very few, I agree. But what is the other alternatives? I mean, if there’s no correct tag for them I don’t see another valid way to go


Why not? I admit that it is unlikely to be supported in various applications, but it would not really harm anyone.

(and once this tagging is used I will definitely check whether I have any nearby!)

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Remember that in OSM you can use any tag you like. To start mapping them you don’t need a proposal.


That’s cool, I just wanted to make it “official”, but if it’s not needed for tag with few use cases I will probably reconsider it :smiley:

Remember that in OSM you can use any tag you like. To start mapping them you don’t need a proposal

sure, but if you make a proposal and speak about it, others become aware and also use the tag - or find it later on when searching for it.