[RFC] Feature Proposal - Introducing 'flood_assets' Tag

Dear OpenStreetMap community,

I would like to propose the introduction of a new OpenStreetMap tag, ‘flood_assets’, to represent both natural and man-made assets contributing to flood defense or coastal protection functions. The proposed tag is aimed at enhancing our mapping capabilities for crucial features related to disaster resilience and adaptation planning.
Proposal Overview:
You can find the detailed proposal on the OpenStreetMap Wiki: Link to Proposal on Wiki
Discussion Location:
Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

As a new member, I would really appreciate your support.


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Hello and welcome!

What I would encourage you to do first (before any proposal, actually) is to have a look at how the sorts of things that you’re interested are currently tagged in OSM (if they are, of course). I can certainly think of plenty of things near me that might count as such (water level monitoring, sluices, flood basins, etc. etc.).


Thank you for the warm welcome and your valuable input! I appreciate your suggestion to explore the existing tagging conventions related to flood defense assets in OpenStreetMap.
I completely agree with you. While conducting my master’s dissertation on modeling nature-based solutions, I actively sought a standardized tag to identify flood-resilient infrastructures and for its conservation at a local level. Hope that makes some sense?

But how do you determine if any particular feature (wetland / swamp / area of mangroves / forest etc) is a “flood-asset” or not?

Even with things like embankments / levees, they may be 2m high, but if the flood reaches 2.1m, they’re no longer effective.