[RFC] Feature Proposal - GTFS Tagging standard

I talked about a (single) OSM public transport relation according to the PTv2 and in particular the definition of the route relation:

Key Value Comment Recommendation
network Local / regional network Name of the network the route belongs to. recommended if no route_master=* exists, else optional

one should note name of the network is strictly singular.

This doesn’t mean necessary that you will have one single OSM route relation [for one route with mutiple GTFS feeds]. I find it much easier to put each combination route + network into one relation. If you maintain only one network it is far more easy (no need to take the other network(s) into account). Each variant (combination route + network) may have different attributes and not only different GTFS attributes. And as the public transport in OSM is one of the most complex construct, I find it difficult to make it more complex by trying to join a route with multiple feeds into one single relation.

For all objects that are relations (route, route_master and stop_area as well) you can duplicate these to put it onto another network if there is a shared route. I know it generates somehow duplicates (but only from the route perspective) and as written previously it is probably easier to maintain.

As written before I’m with you for all OSM objects that are not relations but for the relations I disagree.

Wow, that is a turnaround.
Problem now, as the previous proposal was accepted, we need another proposal to reinstate gtfs:feed and define it and the non-subkeyed GTFS tags as the authoritative feed.
As I have only little time for OSM atm, I would appreciate if someone else could step up with this new proposal. Many thanks in advance.