[RFC] Feature Proposal - EV Charging Station Mapping

Currently, some users create one amenity=charging_station node (or area) to represent a charging location, regardless of the number of charging points at the location. Other users map each individual charge point within a charging location as a separate amenity=charging_station node. This second approach creates duplicate entries in search results and elsewhere, such as in this case with 36 identical charge points. As the number of charging stations are growing rapidly it would be helpful to clarify how charging stations should be mapped

Following a long discussion on the OSM community site, I propose certain clarifications on how to map and tag EV charging stations. The definition of amenity=charging_station will change slightly and will represent both locations with a single charge point and locations with a group of chargers. A new optional feature, man_made=charge_point will be created to separate detailed mapping of each charge point from the main amenity=charging_station feature at locations.

Here is the proposal. Please comment on the discussion page, grouped by topic. Many comments have already been made at this discussion thread.

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