[RFC] Feature Proposal - emergency=disaster_response

A proposal to establish emergency=disaster_response as worldwide consistent tagging of disaster response service stations under the emergency=* key was created.

A lot of recent discussion happened here. The proposal can be found here.

Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.


The request for comments on the proposal is going on for same time now. Some new people joined the discussion on the talk page or the other forum post, but not realy many.

It would be great to get some input from more different people about the proposal. If you want to support the proposal process please read the proposal page and answer these questions:

  1. Is it clear why this proposal exists?
  2. Is it clear when and when not the new tag emergency=disaster_response is supposed to be used?
  3. If the voting was now, how would you vote? Why?
  4. What general comments do you have about the proposal?

Thank you in advance for ever answer.

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There was no response here yet. If anyone has comments, questions or other thoughts about this proposal, now is the time to share them. I would realy like to improve the proposal based on feedback to reduce the risk of disapproval during voting.