[RFC] Feature Proposal - Details of construction (CANCELLED)

This proposal aims to detail construction projects in OpenStreetMap.
Link: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal:Details_of_construction
Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

Can you not make many RfC on different pages in a short period of time… You know you can modify the proposal, and announce updates? Give some time for others to discover it.

  • project:type= : As I said, this is complicated, and should be avoided. OHM is a better database to explore this.
    =build vs =renovation : If a new building:part= is being added to a building= , which one it should use?
    =infrastructure : As I said, the feature itself including infrastructure buildings is still an “infrastructure”. And are utilities, HVAC, and MEP works in buildings considered “infrastructure”?
  • project:closed*= : Aside from the obvious editing mistake of requiring highway=construction , this needs interfacing with temporary:*= for your =renovation and =infrastructure . The meaning is mismatched, when the the project itself is not “closed”. A feature can be closed for other reasons, meaning this could be an generic attribute cf Lifecycle prefix - OpenStreetMap Wiki closed:*= businsses.
    project:closed= : This still causes a conflict. The project= on the feature should be what constructed or substantially modified it. It’s not workable to add multiple and other projects on a feature. Again, consider OHM.
    project:closed:lanes= : This syntax is still wrong. *:lanes= is per lane, eg motor_vehicle:lanes=yes|yes|no . It’s difficult to add the number of lanes affected, even if it is constant throughout the project. And what about closing existing lanes, while shifting lanes to shoulder=, paved median, or temporary lanes on the verge= or unpaved central reservation?