[RFC] Feature Proposal - Deprecating demolished railway tags- cancelled proposal

This proposal aims to deprecate all Demolished Railway tags.
Please discuss this proposal on its Wiki Talk page.

If I haven’t made it clear in your own proposal, please don’t make many different pages for the same suggestion. You are not the proposers, nor have even commented in the original post. This lack of content adds no benefit, without at least summarizing and explaining both sides’ arguements.


Note that it is not even exactly entirely clear what “deprecate” actually means in this context and what would be done after this proposal is approved (see the related thread).

For start making clear distinction between following is necessary:

  • “and it reaffirms that completely gone railways that left no traces whatsoever are not mappable” (though note that proposal failing would not mean that they become mappable!)
  • “this specific tags should not be used, use lifecycle prefixes”
  • “this proposal want to ban mapping railways where track is gone but there are clear remains” (note that such proposal passing would not result in ban on such mapping, it would merely indicate that proposals on wiki are silly and should be entirely ignored).

In this current state this proposal would surely fail and it could be misleadingly used by people mapping railway tracks gone without any trace whatsoever.

Please do not proceed with it.