Rewriting data in a specific map area

I want to create a map visible to those in that area to help them navigate in that environment but there are already labels on the map with some of them not correct. When I add new data to it, upon loading it on my web application, the original map is being loaded instead, and I’ve been referred to ask for admin authorization to be able to do so

It would help to know where you encounter this problems. On Umap? On Somewhere else?

Yes, on

Is Browser cache - OpenStreetMap Wiki answering your question?

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It takes a some time for the map server to update. You might alo have refresh your browser so it trys to get the updated data from the site.

Might also be helpful if you could explain what appears to be inaccurate. That way people can better understand what you are try to accomplish. The community should be able to give guidance and tip on way to make to process go smoother.

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