Revisiting Proposed features/Music venue

I noticed there was this proposal made all the way back in 2007. It didn’t seem like there was a lot of traction on it. Is there any preferred way to archive the proposal, because it seems like it didn’t even come up for a vote.

I plan to revisit the concept of a “music venue” on the wiki because I think there are some situations where amenity=theatre is not a good fit when you have a venue which does not host any theatrical performances, but does host music shows. See for example The Vera Project, located here.

Seems like a good idea, however how would it render on the map? Would it use the same icon as the theature?

It depends on the renderer - some may choose to give it a unique representation; some may re-use an icon for another category. Here I went with the something unique (albeit borrowed from elsewhere).

Note that concert_hall pops up in a few “theatre” key values too, such as here.