Reviewing recently documented shop values

Some shops values were documented as being used (typically relatively rarely) within recent times. It may be a good idea to review them - maybe there are known duplicates of them? Maybe different pluralization would be actually better?

Some of similar cases were spotted and handled a bit differently (for example Tag:shop=water_filter - OpenStreetMap Wiki vs Tag:shop=water_filters - OpenStreetMap Wiki ).

In some cases it may make sense to invent a bit wider tag supporting subtags to avoid ending with 10 000 different documented shop values.

If some value is unclear then inventing new one would be easier now rather than decade later when some value got popular and widely documented.

Also, thanks for people who helped to document already used tags!

(if someone is interested in listing of rare/weird/undocumented shop values in their area - let me know and I can produce a list)

Any improvements at wiki pages are welcome!

If any of shop values has problem and there is a potential better tagging - it would be likely a good idea to discuss it.

Looks like there are a lot of types for specific foods, for these it’d be better to use something likeshop=food + food=* (eg. food=peanut_butter)