Reverting commits

The change to OSM API 0.6 was done succesfully, but I don’t see a way to revert a commit yet. There are sometimes bogus Potlatch commits, sometimes the imported data upload doesn’t finish, sometimes the “commit” button is clicked by accident in the middle of work and the OSM map is spammed with useless ndes and ways.

I didn’t notice any way to revert them in JOSM, and I didn’t find any mention about reverting in API documentation. Is it even implemented? I think it’s an important feature of OSM.

Yes. I think you can see in some places, the tag “history=v2” for example. I don’t know what programs they use to do that.

“Retrieved from Vx” is added by Potlatch when a way has been undeleted.

Open the area in Potlatch and hit “U”. All deleted ways in the area will be displayed in red. If you click on the little lock beside the way-id Potlach removes the deleted-flag and adds the comment “Retrieved from Vx” to the way.