Revert wide-spread damage caused unknowingly by a novice mapper

A novice mapper has destroyed large parts of the Ljubljana map where myself and other mappers have put tens or hundreds of hours of work.

I don’t believe that they acted on bad intentions, simply out of ignorance.

Repairing this damage manually would take weeks if not months. Is there a way to revert their changes? (and my changeset where I had started repairing the damage) and restore the previous state as good as possible? This all happened over the past 3 weeks.

See this discussion in the Slovenia forum for details.

Is Change rollback - OpenStreetMap Wiki helpful? Especially JOSM plugin?

If users made so many changesets that even that is not helping (>1000) - I would write to DWG and ask them to run mass-revert scripts.


This seems to be working. Thank you tons!


note that it works best on clean edits - so you may ask others to suspend manual cleanup

reverting edit that made 10 000 weird and complex changes is trivial if objects were not edited later

reverting edit that made 200 simple changes can be nasty if objects were later edited

If someone made manual cleanup and it causes conflicts it may be smart to revert cleanup, and then revert problems starting from latest edits and go to older ones.


+1, it is important to do the rollback going back from the latest, because otherwise you will much more likely get conflicts.