Revert a changeset

Hi all,

I have been mapping rock climbing routes based on the “climbing” wiki

Today I noticed a changeset made by another used deleted all my routes here:

How can I revert this change set?


1st ask the mapper in question (changeset comment) what their reason for the deletion was. We need to know if this was just an accident, or if there is a different reason.

2nd once that is clear you can try to revert yourself, you will need to install JOSM and the reverter plugin, and do a partial revert (as the additions seem to be OK). If you don’t want to try, I would suggest piping up here again.

Or use

Edit: It can’t do a partial revert. But it comes in handy otherwise.

Hey, I already messaged the editor, but so far no response. I do leave in Montreal and I can confirm there are climbing routes over there. I tried a few myself.

@Trójmiasto thanks, I will use that if I don’t get any answer.

Changeset discussion comments can be more useful than private messages for a couple of reasons - one is that everything there is public, so everyone has an incentive to be extra descriptive and extra-polite. Also because everything’s public other people can see a mappers’ previous interaction with the community - often that allows a future commenter to give a bit of extra context to future remarks.