Reverse recycling aka bottle_return: Please merge with prior topic not found again

Pretty darn sure to have read a thread here asking about how to tag these, alas could not find it. On a city snooping tour discovered this brand new offering, all-english front, receptacle, card reader, so suppose you need to register, a printer to proof receipt and how many goodie points one earned for the deed, so it says on front near bottom.


Duck Duck Go’d it and found their website, all-English too, but not a single mention in TagInfo of ‘EcoVend’ although a further search indicated more than a few installations round Italy and a website with demo video.

What the people did while looking this over was rise from car, put cans in, plastic bottles in, and stuffed the plastic carrying bag into the hole to top it off… and there you have it. System borged.

Studying Taginfo, the tag set…


PS it needed a harder look to discern its only for plastic bottles and beverage cans. The maker also fabricates a type taking glass bottles. What a racket that will make given the system has an in-build compacter.

I can’t remember having seen a topic about these return machines, nothing but a recent discussion about bottle deposit holders fixed to waste baskets:

That was the one, different topic. Thanks