Reverse geocoding

Hi everybody,

I need to reverse geocode about 1.000.000 positions every month (mostly in Spain territories) so I think the best way is to download the planet data, right?

The system I use is written in PHP, so… how could I do that? Do I have to use the “name finder” written in php and update the database every… week, for example? Does this code do that or what?

I dont need to show any maps in the page, just reverse geocode.

Many thanks in advance,


Yes, you are likely to want to setup an instance of Nominatim ( ) on your server, which should be able to do the reverse geocoding you need. There are some installation instructions and how to load a planet (extract) into a Nominatim database in its readme file ( ). There are also explanations of how to keep it up to data. Additional information might also be found in the geocoding mailinglist

Many thanks amm, i’m taking a look! I’ll keep this thread updates,

thanks again,