Retagging "Mines" question

I’m currently checking out where I can help around my home area in regards to OSM. I’ve been checking out local Mines and such, and they all seem to be tagged with “landuse: quarry”.

This is most certainly not the case, as the majority of mines in this area are underground hardrock mines, and certainly not quarries.

You can see an example here:

Check out the “Shields Mine” to see what I mean:

addr:state: CO
ele: 3268
gnis:county_name: Lake
gnis:created: 04/29/1996
gnis:feature_id: 1684278
gnis:feature_type: Mine
landuse: quarry
name: Shields Mine

I did some reclamation work on this very mine, and I can assure you it’s not a quarry :slight_smile:

Should I filter and go through mines in the area, and change the tag to something more appropriate?

Thanks for the help!