Restaurant + Hotel - How to map

Hi everyone,

a new business opened recently in my town. It’s a restaurant which also offers a few hotel rooms in the upper floors.
It’s called officially “Pension & Restaurant Rio” in Schneeberg (
“Pension”=German for guest house

I’m unsure how to map it correctly. Do I use two different nodes? It’s tough because the official name consists of the both businesses.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

In the UK “restaurants with rooms” are definitely a thing - they tend to get mapped as accommodation=yes along with the regular key.

In Poland it is typical to map two nodes in such case, one for guest house/hostel/hotel/etc - one for food place.

But it would look quite silly with such name :frowning:

Not always:;; :roll_eyes:

The above places all do food & accommodation, but the basic tagging is probably accurate: the first is food-led (including the special wild-boar roasting pit), the other two offer half or full board with accommodation, but will feed passers by (at least at lunchtime). One aspect in Poland are that many hotels & restaurants seem to be geared up for the large banquets associated with weddings: in these cases tagging the restaurant separately makes sense.

From (DE) take a look at

This has been discussed before. I remember a remark that I found pertinent: "often, the operating hours will differ between the hotel and the restaurant - this almost forces us to add two “amenity” nodes to a building, one for the hotel and one for the restaurant, each with their own operating hours.

Thanks guys for all your answers! Really appreciate it.
I will probably use two different nodes, especially after reading to answer by JanOlieslagers.
In my opinion it is also better for display purposes on the map.


Look at the website at the bottom, kontakt

They write there:

Pension & Restaurant “Rio” because of " " Rio is the name and Pension & Restaurant are descriptions, what it is.

Also see there logo, the name is Rio.

Just both Rio?