REST API/Framework for OSM Protocol V0.5 / V0.6


I look for a java REST-Client framework for the OSM protocol.

There are some java client applications for OSM.
Does anybody know if there is a independend client code for the communication with the server that use these clients or if the developers write their own comunication code?


Afaik, there is no REST framework for clients that is used in the various Java clients. I guess you’ll have to browser their code to see which one suits you most or develop your own based upon the specs in the wiki.

But it is very uncomfortable. Every tool that would be used osm must develop client communication code. It is for re-use and more simplify development process of osm tools better to provide client code framework including the specific prototol spec. So the developer can concentrate to the relevant functions of the tool.

I cannot believe that osm does not provide framework or the developer of the tools moduled this code sections.

Hey, that’s the way it is. Can’t help it. But anyway, the REST /API isn’t that difficult to implement. Not much more difficult compared to adding a framework to your application…

Perhaps you are talking about the parsing and datastructification of the OSM data, not asking for the data from the server in it self. Handling geographic data is a real pain, there isn’t a size that fits all yet.

If you want to I can write a java framework for you where you get the XML data in a Java String object, it wouldn’t be hard to write.